Handcrafted Texas Flag Sofa Quilt


Handcrafted Texas Flag Sofa Quilt

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Handcrafted Texas Flag Sofa Quilt

Texans LOVE their flag! So, to honor the great State of Texas, Linda S. Smith has designed a one-of-a-kind Texas flag sofa quilt. Made with top quality pre-washed 100% quilters cotton fabrics, this flag has 18 different colors and 186 separate fabric pieces, each stitched on all four sides.
Every component of the Texas flag has great symbolic meaning. The red stands for bravery, white is purity and blue is loyalty. There is one white star in a blue field. This five-point star, centered in blue, has one point facing up. Importantly, each point on the white star represents a characteristic of a good Texas citizens: These characteristics include fortitude, loyalty, righteousness, prudence, and broad-mindedness. And of course, proportion matters. The blue is 1/3 the length of the horizontal white and red stripes which are equal and are 2/3 of the length of the flag. The upper stripe is white.
So please enjoy this Texas flag quilt. It was made with real love.
Machine washable cold water, gentle cycle, mild soap. ALWAYS add a color-catcher sheet when washing (attached). Air dry.
Dimensions: ~ 52” X 78”
Customizable into a wall hanging with the addition of a hanging sleeve into which a curtain rod or dowl can be inserted. Please contact us prior to ordering.

Hand Crafted, Pieced, and Designed by Linda  

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