Handcrafted Segmented Popular, & Walnut Wooden Vase


Handcrafted Segmented Popular, & Walnut Wooden Vase



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Handcrafted Segmented Popular, & Walnut Wooden Vase

This Large Purpleheart vase took a month to glue up and was a fun turning on my lathe. This is one of the largest vase that I have made to date. There 481 pieces glued together.

This is Popular, & Walnut segmented wooden vase is made with wood purchased from Central America. It has 52 pieces  glued together. This provides two benefits over turning a bowl from a solid blank. First, there’s less waste because the blank will already be hollow. Second, when turning, you’re nearly always cutting with the grain of the wood, rather than across it. The exception being the disk at the bottom. This reduces tearing, wear on the tools, and makes mounds of those shaving ribbons that are so satisfying to watch fountain off the work-piece and pile up on the floor.

This bowl was hand crafted and turned on my wood lathe.

Poplar wood is typically a white or creamy yellow hue, though it can be brownish or appear with mineral streaks of various colors in it, referred to as “rainbow poplar.” Although it is used more for utilitarian purposes used in some artisan crafting.

Walnut is an all-around popular choice for woodworking. It has a fine texture and works extremely well with hand and power tools. Walnut is prized for use in furniture, cabinets, and a multitude of other projects. It is a popular choice for turning and carving as well.

Vintage charm and character abound in our handmade wood turnings.  Each lovingly hand crafted is turned on my lathe and will surely impress your guests.


5 1/4 inches  diameter by 6 1/4 inches tall.




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