Handcrafted Patriotic Flag Quilt Wall Hanging


Handcrafted Patriotic Flag Quilt Wall Hanging

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Handcrafted Patriotic Flag Quilt Wall Hanging

This hand-crafted Made in America flag wall hanging is a stylized interpretation of the original American Flag with 13 red and white stripes and 16 eight-point stars. Multiple mixed colors of red, white, and blue pre-washed 100% top quality cotton quilters fabrics were used in its construction. America had 16 states when Tennessee joined the union in 1796. Thus, during the 1800s, the U.S. Navy Boat flags looked just like this one with 16 stars arranged in the four-by-four upper left grid. This grid was sewn side-by-side with the original 13 red and white stripes.
This flag wall hanging quilt was designed, sewn, quilted, and appliqued by Linda, in honor of the nation we all love and her military family members who sacrificed so much.
Size: This mounted flag quilt is about 32 inches by 46 ½ inches
Number of separate sewn pieces: about 95 separate pieces of fabric, each with four sides of sewn seams
A hanging sleeve is hand stitched to the quilt back. Show your love of country by placing a curtain rod or dowel through this sleeve and mounting the quilt to your wall or window. Please press prior to mounting.
When pressing is needed, use a low heat iron and pressing cloth.
Please enjoy this very special hand-made tribute to our nation and its heroes.
Dimensions: ~ 31” X 44”

Hand Crafted, Pieced, and Designed by Linda  

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