Handcrafted Paradise Fire Wooden Burl Bowl

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Handcrafted Paradise Fire Wooden Bowl

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Handcrafted Paradise Fire Wooden Burl Bowl

This bowl was hand crafted and turned on my wood lathe.

The story behind the Paradise Fire Wooden Bowl is a sad tale from this tragedy. Yes this Burl “Root” came from the Paradise fire, 2019. When the recovery crew were clearing the ground, they dug up this charred root; the root was from a once large bush. During the Paradise fire, the ground was so hot that it baked this root and, without moisture,  that Burl root became hard and rock-like.  Thus, the root was extremely hard and difficult carve. I was constantly having to repeatedly sharpen my turning tools..

Paradise Fire Wooden Burl Bowl – hand tuned, one-of-a-kind bowl suitable for offerings, display, dried herbs etc . . . Finish is satin hand rubbed and food safe.

Remember there is only one of this bowl making it a unique. No two pieces are the same. Each will have different grain patterns and colors.

Dimensions: Diameter 6 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 high

Hand Crafted on My Lathe by: Jeff Smith

Call me for custom orders at 870-670-4255

1 review for Handcrafted Paradise Fire Wooden Burl Bowl

  1. Lynn

    I used this beautiful wood piece to make a custom succulent centerpiece for my customer! I definitely will be buying more of these for my online floral shop!

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