Chinaberry Handcrafted Wooden Bowl (Sold)


Chinaberry Handcrafted Wooden Bowl

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Chinaberry Handcrafted Wooden Bowl

Chinaberry, is native to countries like Australia, India, China, Pakistan, and some other parts of Asia. It produces clusters of yellow-colored berries and pretty, lilac colored flowers, and is found in large numbers across the United States, especially in the southern parts of the country. It is an ornamental tree in nature. One of Chinaberry’s biggest uses is timber. Loved for its rich deep reddish colors for making handcrafted items and is very easy to work with.

This Chinaberry bowl and was a fun turning on my lathe. The Chinaberry wood came from an Amish saw mill in Salem AR.

This Chinaberry bowl was hand crafted and turned on my wood lathe.

A Chinaberry wood- hand tuned, one-of-a-kind bowl suitable for offerings, display, dried herbs etc . . . Finish is satin hand rubbed and food safe.

Remember there is only one of this bowl making it a unique. No two pieces are the same. Each will have different grain patterns and colors.

Dimensions: Diameter 6 1/4 inches by 6 1/2 high

Hand Crafted on My Lathe by: Jeff Smith

Call me for custom orders at 870-670-4255


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