Antique Walnut Handmade Coffee Grinder “Grinding Mill Hand-Crank”


Antique Walnut Handmade Coffee Grinder Grinding Mill Hand-Crank

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Antique Walnut Handmade Coffee Grinder

Antique Style Coffee Grinder, Grinding Mill Hand-Crank.

These Coffee Grinders are to be seen and to be appreciated. Remember there is only one of these designs making it unique. No two pieces are the same. Each will have different grain patterns and colors.

Walnut is an all-around popular choice for woodworking. It has a fine texture and works extremely well with hand and power tools. Walnut is prized for use in furniture, cabinets, and a multitude of other projects. It is a popular choice for turning and carving as well.

Once beans are ground,  sturdy glass 8 oz mason jar unscrews for easy emptying.


3 1/2 inch diameter base by 11 1/2 inches long.

Hand Crafted on My Lathe by: Jeff Smith

Call me for custom orders at 870-670-4255


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