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Disney Dollar Demise: The end of an era 1987 – 2016 RIP 29 years old

Disney Dollar Demise: The end of an era 1987 – 2016 RIP 29 years old

Digital Currency and Disney Gift Cards are reasons cited for yesterday’s official discontinuation of Disney Dollars. Of course, because Disney Dollars never expire, Disney will continue to accept them as currency, at face value. But this is small comfort to and other Disney Dollar collectors who, since 1987, have anxiously awaited each new Disney Dollar issue and theme.

This sad announcement was made on Thursday with the final discontinuation date of 14 May 2016. That is, all official Disney production and sales of Disney Dollar Notes ended yesterday!
You may wish to access official news media items located at these web sites. WDW News Today (reports on Disney park information and news), broke the story late last week were later confirmed by the Orange County Register.

Disney Dollars have been extremely popular with collectors since their birth in May 1987. Functioning as both currency and souvenir, these beautifully engraved existing “Dollars” will now be far more difficult to locate and more expensive to purchase.

“This news is devastating,” said Jeff Smith, President. “Collectors from all over the world love and cherish these amazingly beautiful notes. Disney Dollars have been a really fun way to introduce currency collecting to children of all ages! Disney Dollars have always made great Christmas and birthday gifts!”

First released in 1987, Disney Dollars were recognized for very high quality printing with intaglio steel engraving and expensive 100% cotton paper, giving Disney Dollars the feel and appearance of beautifully crafted currency. Just like any “real” money, they have anti-counterfeiting features such as reflective ink and imprinting, unique serial numbers and letters, tiny specks of glitter (we call pixie dust), and expensive micro-printing.

Important characters on each bill include Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, and many others. Each side of the bill incorporates its denomination and each currency item has a serial number series year. These numbers/letters denote when they were printed and where they originated. Some bills were printed in small amounts such as the limited edition $50 and some were printed in large quantities.

Disney Currency designs changed yearly, often reflecting the general theme for that year. Bills also include letter designations, located after the serial number. For example, an A series relates to a note initially sold at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA (A is for Anaheim), D denotes Walt Disney World in Florida, and T (available starting in 2005) designates Disney stores. There are also a few very rare B (for Designer Charles Boyer). Now, at age 29, official production and sales of Disney Dollars has ended.

Importantly, though Disney Dollars never expire, once “spent” at Disney Parks and Stores, notes are cancelled and destroyed.
So the only way to purchase Disney Dollars now is through collectors like Please let us help you build your own collection of these ever-more-valuable/rare world famous Disney currency notes.

If you have any questions call Jeff @ (870) 670-4255

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