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Creating a World Currency Collection

Most world money collections began with international travel. During foreign travel, fun and attention-grabbing examples of transcontinental money are often preserved as souvenirs.

Terms such as World Currency, World Banknotes, World Paper Money, are used interchangeably to describe the exciting and information-rich pursuit of collecting non-coin world money.

Collecting paper money from all over the world is a perfect way to learn, teach, and share the history (political, economic, social, and cultural), science, and geography of nations that make up the great and glorious world we live in.

Three types of world paper money are collected: Money from banks, money from governments, and money produced during emergencies, such as during and after wars and conflicts. One collector we’ve met has a currency collection with examples from all nations known to exist, dated during World War II. What a legacy he will leave for his family and future generations!

To help avoid counterfeiting, many world money examples display complicated, beautifully engraved drawings, patterns, figures, and motifs which contribute to the diversity and rich historical value to this artwork.

Additional diversity includes the changing political and geographical formation of our world powers and populations.

Where was Bohemia? What is the Isle of Man? What did Syrian money look like in 1967? Who is engraved on the 1912 (just prior to the Revolution) Russian Ruble Note? Why are the Bernhard Notes located in the “Great Britain” category instead of Austria where they were engraved and printed? Answers lead to more questions; therefore, finding, holding, and collecting world paper money has become an increasingly popular, thrilling, profitable, and very exciting pursuit.

Condition (and authentication) is a significant factor for collectors; condition is represented as the “grade” of the note. Un-circulated notes with high grades are the most sought-after and valuable. The note’s appearance is also a factor. For us (and for many collectors), these notes are some of the most beautiful and fascinating ever created.

As international travel and service increases, the popularity and demand for these exquisite world currency notes increases. Thus, now is a great time to create and enhance your world money collection – value will never be better!

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